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EPS 95 Higher Pension Cases: Very Good Analysis on EPS95 Higher Pension Cases Supreme Court Final Verdict

The Judgements of honourable Kerala high court (R C Gupta case), Delhi, Rajasthan, Punjab and almost all the honourable high courts of India are in favour of revised pension of EPS 95 pensioners only. Even the honourable Supreme Court (apex) provides Judgement in favour of the Kerala high court (by honourable Ranjan Gogoi, CJI). How these Judgements of the Honourable Supreme Court and the high court can go in vain? which are in favour of the EPS 95 pensioners only. 
The government and EPFO should not neglect these Judgements. This is the responsibility of the government to respect the view of the constitution/Judiciary for successful democracy in our country. Recently, (wef 02/8/2022 to 12/8/2022) on 12/8/2022, the honourable CJI (Ramana sir) and the three Judges Bench along with honourable Judges and advocates have finalised the Judgement of revised pension for EPS pensioners at honourable SC, but the final Judgement is reserved now. In this connection, we would like to request the honourable CJI to declare the reserved Judgement at the earliest for the greater interest of lacs of pensioners. 
At the same time, we request our government and the EPFO to implement the Judgement (as soon as the reserved Judgement will be declared). We know, the fund for the revised pension is available with EPFO (from RTI and proved at SC on 12/8/22). Hence, the Government should not put pressure on the honourable Judiciary to delay the Judgement. Because it is our due and should not disturb us and our families, as we cannot run our families with a monthly pension of Rs 1000/-to Rs 3000/- or less.We Hope, we will get a very good result at the earliest.
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